Ticketing Area is positioned on the upper level of the main terminal at Abilene Regional Airport. The American Airlines ticket counter opens at 3:30 am every day and closes after the last arrival.

There is a $30 cost for the first checked bag and a $40 fee for the 2nd checked bag with American Eagle. It is wise to label every personal item, including carry-on bags and electronics, with contact information in case of losing them. A rolling carry-on will have to be gate checked or taken by AA and stored underneath the cargo for free.

VIP Rewards

Regular travelers out of the Abilene Airport will find it smooth to register every trip on which they depart. With two trips in a year, passengers receive free parking, free local entertainment venue tickets, and rewards at restaurants. Each departing flight from Abilene automatically rewards 100 points. After acquiring 200 points, travelers receive an award via mail.

To register, passengers need to sign-up on the official website by filling out the registration form. There is a VIP computer located in the gate area. From there, travelers only need to log in with account information and input the flight number.