At Abilene Regional Airport, the arrivals area is located on the first floor of the main terminal. After the aircraft lands and passengers access the terminal through walkways, they are navigated towards the baggage claim area, also found on the first floor of the main terminal. Luggage carts are positioned adjacent to baggage carousels and are free to use for all visitors. After receiving checked luggage, passengers can exit the terminal to find suitable ground transportation methods towards the city or surrounding areas. If travelers face issues regarding delayed or lost baggage, the airport's official website provides useful information.

Lost Baggage

If passengers misplace personal items, including carry-on and check-in baggage, in the terminal areas, the airport's administration must be contacted as soon as possible for a timely recovery.

If passengers can't find their luggage on baggage carousels or leave personal items on the airplane, American Airlines is responsible and must be contacted ASAP.